ETIGAM EO gas indicators are stick-on labels which are designed to demonstrate that the item has been exposed to sufficient EO gas.
They distinguish the difference between processed and non-processed items by a colour change of the indicator. These indicators are to be used on individual items to be sterilized. The standard indicators are manufactured in different shapes (round, square or Meto shape) and some also feature text. These indicators can be delivered from stock.








Plain indicator, circular, 12,7 mm.



Plain indicator 26 x 12 mm.
Can be applied easily and fast with a Meto handapplicator.



Indicator, circular, 12,7 mm, with
text: ‘green is ETO exposed’.

 8.(12,7)P05  Indicator, circular, 12,7 mm, with diapositive

text: ‘green is EO exposed’.



White label with printed EO indicator strip, 42 x 16,5 mm.