An essential part of any sterility-assurance program is the chemical sterilization indicator. Etigam's sterilization process indicators are manufactured as throughput process indicators to be used in the various sterilization processes. These indicators are designed to respond with a colorchange when the physical conditions of the sterilization process are met within the sterilization environment. Sterilization process indicators are often used to detect sterilizer malfunction/failures resulting from improper loading of the sterilizer, incorrect packaging, deficiencies of the sterilizing agent or malfunction of the sterilizer itself. The indicators should always been used in conjuntion with other monitoring devices like BI’s, etc. within the sterility-assurance programm. Etigam CI’s are type 1 indicators and are manufactured in compliance with ISO 11140-1:2014 "Sterilization of health care products - chemical indicators - Part 1: General requirements".