NSU spores suspensions are used to inoculate products undergoing sterilization. They are available for use in Steam,
Ethylene Oxide, Dry heat and Gamma/E-beam sterilization processes.
Spore suspensions are provided with population and resistance values to the sterilization process.
Each vial contains 10 ml of spore suspension in 20% ethanol.


Sterilization Process

 Incubation Time

 Incubation Temperature

 Etigam Productcode

 Geobacillus stearothermophilus Steam  Steam  7 days  60 C  NSU-S5/6
 Bacillus atrophaeus  EO gas & Dry heat  7 days  37 C  NSU-E6
 Bacillus pumilus  Gamma / E-beam  7 days  35 C  NSU-R6
 other populations on request