Incubator model Ninc-# is designed for incubating NSC biological indicators. These models are set on a temperature of 37C (for E.O.)  or 60C (for steam).
There are 15 incubation slots available to place the self-contained biological indicators, for your convenience a crushing well is integrated to enable the user to activate the BI’s. 

Description Reorder number
 Etigam Incubator 37C  NINC-E37
 Etigam Incubator 60C  NINC-S60


 Sterilization Process

 Selfcontained Biological Indicator

 Incubation Time

 Incubator Productcode

 Steam  NSC-S5 or NSC-S6  24 hours  NINC-S60
 Steam  NRI-S5 or NRI-S6  10 hours  NINC-S60
 Ethylene Oxide  NSC-E6  48 hours  NINC-E37