improved packaging

 We would like to inform you that we have updated our packaging methods by using white cardboard boxes instead of shrink wrapped PE foil and PE zip lock bags for a number of our process indicators. We will launch this new packaging method for all indicators on rolls of 5000 pcs with a roll diameter of approximately 125 mm. More products will be packed this way in the future.

The new packaging method ensures that the indicators will be less exposed to light because the box can be closed after use. Another advantage is that less plastic is used which makes the packaging more environmentally friendly. Single rolls will be packed in a box with a handy dispenser function. The new packaging does not cause any changes to the functionality of the product.

The Etigam Team thanks you for the trust in our company and your appreciation for our quality products. We look forward to the continuation of our business relationship.

How to use the box with dispenser function:

After removing the lot number sticker, gently place the roll in the dispenser box as shown in the instructional video. Rolls with inside winding need to be placed different from rolls with outside winding.

- Do not squeeze the center of the box. This will cause the dispenser function not to work.
- Gently pull the strip to prevent it from breaking.
- Pull the strip back. Pulling the strip up will cause the upper tab to open.

Please click on below link to open an instruction video.

Instructions for use   --> click here  

Folding instructions   --> click here

Please contact us for any further questions about our packaging.